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Shared Data Among Outlets

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The Outlet Edition was written with privacy in mind; privacy from the point of view of the customer and each of the Outlets. Guiding principles are things like:

  • Another Outlet should not be able to figure out how important a patron is to you or what they've paid you. Another Outlet has no business knowing anything about a patron's interaction with you for any reason unless the other Outlet sold the ticket to them, in which case it is reasonable that they should be able to return it. This rule exists because it is to the customer's convenience to return the ticket at the place of purchase. For details on what information is available to cross-outlet sales (and how you can find tickets sold to your events by other Outlets), click here.
  • Everything is biased in favor of the customer and privacy. Laws are reasonably strict in Canada and are progressing that way in a number of states in the U.S., so Arts Management Systems wanted to make sure that we were on the right side of reasonable, not the wrong side.

The following is a list of data that is shared among Outlets:

Patron Data

  • The data on the Patron contact information window which is basically:
    • Patron names
    • Phone numbers
    • Address
  • Note: primary contact settings like (phone, address, fax, email) are unique to each outlet.
    • For example: if a patron tells Outlet A that their home address is their primary address, then it is their primary address for ONLY for Outlet A. Outlet B may know the same person, but the nature of their relationship says that the primary address is a work address for that patron. It doesn't have to match.
    • If there is only one address for the patron, it is the primary address in both outlets.

      So if you are Outlet B, for example, and Outlet A has put the patron in first, or it is in their database already and has two addresses, you get Outlet A's primary address as your primary address until you change it to be different for you. Changing the primary address selection in your Outlet will not change Outlet A's selection.

  • Changing the primary address setting can be done on the tab of the patron record or by opening the patron Contact Card.

    The same goes for phone numbers. You can have different primary phone, web, fax and email addresses for a patron than another Outlet does. Changing the patron's primary contact information in your Outlet does not affect the primary contact information choices set by the another Outlet.

    System Setup Data

All other data is unique to each Outlet and needs to be maintained by each Outlet independently of the Primary Outlet.