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Exporting Data From TM

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You can export data from Theatre Manager in several formats.
  • Theatre Manager (Workstation) export options include:
    • tab-delimited
    • comma-delimited
    • Excel 97-2004 and
    • Excel Format (for Excel 2008 and later).
    • Specialty data interchange format for things like maps
  • The REST API allows a number of other options, some of which may be more suitable for programmers and automating interfaces.


Parts of Theatre Manager you can Export From

Any list on any window
  • Just select some lines in a list (or all lines), right click, and export the selected data to a text file or in excel format.
  • Export Tab - Available in some reports
  • generalized Export Reports where you can export from almost any table in the database.
Export Data
Export Event Information
Venue Management
 Mail Lists
Form Letters