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Hot Seat Analyzer

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The hot seat analyzer tool can be used to:
  • Determine the usage frequency of seats in a venue and/or the revenue capacity of a particular seat and provide a heat map
  • Find out if the current price zones in the venue are appropriate or if they should be allocated differently to accommodate customer preferences in your venue.

Using the tool, you may replace the typical bands of seats with different pricing on aisles or zones in the venue.

How to Start the Hot Seat Analyser

to use the hot seat analyzer, you perform the following steps:

  1. From the main menus, choose Patron Sales -> Hot Seat Analyzer

    The Hot Seat Analyzer opens.

  2. Choose a Venue/Theatre from the drop down list.
  3. Choose a Pricing Map from the drop down list.

    Theatre Manager shows the reserved seating events in the venue that are active.

  4. Choose a summary method from the drop down list.

    Select if you want the seat display to:

    • Include comps - which are tickets that had a value, but were discounted to zero using a promotion
    • Include free tickets - which are tickets that started off at a zero price
    • Include patrons that are part of a mail list. You could limit the patrons included to a certain list of donors, last years purchasers, people who bought 3 or more tickets, people who are both donors and volunteers - any kind of grouping you wish. If no mail list is provided, then all patrons with tickets are included.
  5. Select a range of performances in the list on the left that you want to analyze.

    Theatre Manager aggregates information based on the seats that are sold in the map, and adjusts the legend.

  6. As the performances and options are changed, Theatre Manager automatically adjusts the legend and colour scaling. That means a colour on one analysis does not necessarily mean the same as the same colour on another seat analysis.