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DonorSearch Web Portal

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DonorSearch offers a direct web portal to the ProspectView Plus web serviced database. ProspectView Plus is designed as a visual, interactive display of the generated detailed profiles containing philanthropic and wealth information.

This visual portion will only work via a web browser.

Parts of the DonorSearch Web Portal Login Window

Username The account name provided by DonorSearch to access your organization's account.
Password The password provided by DonorSearch to access your organization's account.
Login After entering in the Username and Password, click the "Login" button to access your organization's account.

For access to the web portal's user manuals, screening manuals, training manuals, other resources materials related to DonorSearch, or for information on how to use the DonorSearch Web Portal, log into the web portal website at and visit the "Customer Resources" tab.

Theatre Manager provides an interface directly to DonorSearch. Accessing DonorSearch's wealth of information and analytic analysis of potential donor profiles requires an account be set up and maintained directly with DonorSearch. To contact DonorSearch about your prospect research needs, please contact Annette Zakuto at or call 410-988-4978 or visit their website at for further information.