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Donation from Agency that is really for Individuals.

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There are some agencies (like United Way or what have you) that collect money and give you a donation that is really from a number of people. If those people's donations need to be individually receipted then you have to:
  • Sell a Gift Certificate to the main agency and pay for it using their check

  • Selling a Gift Certificate to the Agency

  1. Locate the Patron Record for the Agency who sent a check for donors
  2. Select the Pass/GC tab and click the BUY button

  3. Sell the Agency a new Dolar Value Gift Certificate.
    • Edit the Issued Passes Amount to the full value of the Agency check
    • Click Save

  • Find each of the individuals making donations covered by the Agency's check:
    • Enter a donation in their name for the amount they gave
    • Pay for the donation using the gift certificate from the main agency

    Applying Gift Certificate to Pay for Donation

    1. When processing the payment for the donation, choose PASS as the payment method

    2. Locate and apply Agency Gift Certifiacte

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