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DonorSearch Analytics

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Take the guesswork out of fundraising. Convert patrons into donors.

DonorSearch can help you convert your patrons into members and donors, motivate smaller donors to increase their support, and strengthen your relationships with important supporters.

Using wealth, philanthropy and other databases, along with their proprietary algorithms and manual oversight, DonorSearch can offer you:

  • Where your alumni are and what they're doing
  • Their wealth levels and capacity to give
  • Philanthropic history and the causes they support
  • Connections they have with others who support you

Prospect with confidence.

DonorSearch can help you evaluate, with a high degree of confidence, your prospects’ wealth (whether they can donate) and their past philanthropy, which is a strong indicator of whether they will donate.

You'll have the critical information you need about your prospects to:

  • Boost attendance
  • Improve personal communications
  • Decrease your daily workload
  • Build valuable relationships

Theatre Manager has integrated an interface directly with DonorSearch allowing easy interaction between your existing Theatre Manager patron and donor information to the analytic analysis warehouse of information.

Theatre Manager provides an interface directly to DonorSearch. Accessing DonorSearch's wealth of information and analytic analysis of potential donor profiles requires an account be set up and maintained directly with DonorSearch.

To contact DonorSearch about your prospect research needs, please contact Donor Search at or call (410) 670-7880 or visit their website at for further information.