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DonorSearch Retrieve Analytic Results

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The following process is for retrieving the analytic results from requests to DonorSearch that were perform through the Direct Submission option.

If your submitted a Text File for processing and are wanting to import those results into Theatre Manager, you will need to follow the steps at Importing DonorSearch Analytic Results.

Before beginning with the retrieval process, you will need to determine which patrons you wish to retrieve the analysis on. This could be from:

Retrieving Analytic Results

  1. Select the patrons that you requested a new search for.

    If your retrieving a request from the patron window donor's tab, there is no patron selection required. Proceed with the next step by Right-Clicking anywhere on the donation listing.

  2. Hint: If your unable to remember exactly which patrons you need to retrieve analytic results for, proceed directly to the DonorSearch Analytic Results window. From there, you're able to easily determine which patrons require retrieval of results and download them too.

  3. Right-click on the selected patrons

    A context menu will pop-up

  4. Choose menu option DonorSearch Analytics >> Retrieve Analysis
  5. Review the response message confirming the analytic results information has been downloaded into Theatre Manager.

  6. Click OK
  7. Proceed to the steps on how to View Analytic Results window from DonorSearch.