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Donation Receipt Printing

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Theatre Manager manages donation receipts for all donation campaigns and adheres to the strict guidelines put forth by government agencies.

If you choose to print tax receipts from within Theatre Manager you may need to arrange for customized tax receipt paper. Theatre Manager prints the Recipients Name and Address, the name of the Organization issuing the receipt, the Date of the Donation, the Date of Receipt, the Donation Amount and the Donation Campaign. If Federal or State law requires your receipt to include your organizations address or a government website you may wish to include these on your preprinted tax receipt paper. Please ensure you are aware of all necessary requirements for your tax receipts prior to printing receipts in Theatre Manager.

Follow the links below to learn more about managing donation receipts within Theatre Manager.

Canadian tax law allows that if the date of payment and date of printing the receipt are the same, you can print one date on the tax receipt.

However, if the payment date is different than the date the receipt is printed, then you must print

  • date of payment for donation
  • date that the receipt was issued (printed)
This only applies of the patron's primary address is Canada and handles clearly identifying delayed receipts, reprinting of receipts, or those that occure near year end.

Addresses in other countries do not print the 'Date Receipt Issued' on a tax receipt.