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Unprinting a Donation Receipt

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If donation receipts have been printed by mistake or the wrong receipts have been printed, Theatre Manager will allow you to un-print those receipts. Theatre Manager will actually allow you to un-print any printed donation receipts, but it is recommended that receipts are only un-printed if necessary. If you need to reprint a donation receipt you must first un-print the receipt if it has already been printed then it can be printed again.

You can also manually un-print and reprint donation receipts from the donation receipt tab on the donation window.
An unprinted donation receipt generates a DU transaction with the old receipt number on it - which you can see in any transaction report or transaction window.
  1. Click Setup >> Batch Functions.

  2. Select Unprint Batch of Charitable Receipts.

    The Donation List window opens.

  3. Enter the Range of Donations Receipt # to search for.

    Use the drop down list to select the Donation Receipt #. For more detailed information about this window click here.

  4. Click the Search button.

    For the purpose of this example receipt numbers between 1000 and 3000 have been searched for. A list of donation receipts matching the criteria will be displayed in the list window.

  5. Highlight the Receipts to Un-print

    Click on a receipt to highlight it. To select multiple receipts hold the Ctrl or Appel key while clicking each receipt.

  6. Click the Un-Print button.

    The following dialogue box will display.

  7. Click the Yes button.

    The Donation Receipts have now been un-printed. The Donation Receipt Number will reset to zero. The Receipt can now be reprinted if required using the steps in Printing a Donation Receipt.