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  • How-To guides are aimed towards users, Tutorials are aimed towards learners
  • How-To guides in your documentation helps frame the picture of what your product can actually do
  • How-To guides can be thought of as recipes, directions that guide the reader through the steps to achieve a specific end

Emailing Any Report

  1. Click the Email button at the top of the window.

    The Email Report To Patron window opens.

  2. Edit the Subject as desired.

  3. Choose the send From email address.

Draging Criteria Groups to Another Mail List

If you have some criteria on one mail list that you want to add to another, you can:
  • Select the group you like (see left window)
  • Drag it to another criteria group window

Printing PDF tickets at the box office

Normally you would use a thermal ticket printer to quickly print tickets for a performance while at the box office. The cost per ticket is quite a bit lower with thermal tickets, and some patrons consider thermal tickets to be the only "real" tickets.

However, it is still possible to print a PDF e-ticket on a local laser or inkjet printer if:

Step 4: Migrating Post Dated payments to your new merchant account

Many venues use post dated payments for donation, recurring donations. subscriptions and partial or progress payments for courses.

These credit card payments are linked to the payment method for the old merchant processor and need to be switched over to the new processor. To do so, repeat the following steps for each credit card type you now accept for your new merchant provider.

Step 5: Updating Payment Ticket Face to print your New Merchant Account Information

At the box office, if you print a receipt ticket face along with the tickets, you may need to change the merchant information on that ticket face. The ticket face likely uses data from the merchant account - yet it is wise to make sure the information is correct.

These days, most people do not print a credit card receipt, or they email tickets

Step 3: Testing the merchant account

Once the Merchant Account is updated in Theatre Manager and all Merchant Numbers have been updated. Employees will need to log out of Theatre Manager and back in for changes to take effect. Once logged back in, test the new merchant account from end to end by

Step 1: Preparing for the switchover to a new Merchant Account

Make sure you have all the information from your merchant provider to enter into the fields on the merchant window. If you cannot complete this section, do not go on to the next section.
  1. Set up the information for your new merchant account.
    • Do not activate it yet -and-
    • Set the new merchant to emergency mode
  2. Set up NEW credit card payment methods for your NEW merchant accounts

Changing Credit Card Provider

Before changing the merchant provider for a credit card payment method, please about

Transfer Pricing Map from one Venue to Another

If you have a pricing map in one venue and want to move it to another, perhaps because:
  • You are consolidating your various pricing maps because they really are one venue
  • You want a similar pricing map in another venue (say, after duplicating a common one like a black box venue)
the transfer process is quite easy:
  1. Open the venue you want to transfer the pricing map from
  2. Open the venue that you want to transfer the pricing map to
  3. Drag the pricing map from the one venue to the other and drop it on the list of images of pricing maps


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