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How to Change a Merchant Provider

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If considering changing merchant providers, be sure to read about the impact and business ramifications for purchases done with the old provider that might need refunded un the future.
Before beginning this process, we suggest picking a time that will naturally limit any transactions that could be processed until the new Merchant account is in place. (i.e. earlier in the morning). A switchover can usually be done in 5 minutes or less.

If you wish, you can turn off web sales (only necessary for comfort).

Preparing for the switchover to a new Merchant Account

  1. Set up the information for your new merchant account. Do not activate it yet and set it to emergency mode.
  2. Complete the End of Day Process for your current Merchant Provider.
  3. Immediately turn your existing merchant provider into emergency mode. This will allow:
    • Sales to continue while you complete the switchover
    • Cards entered while in emergency mode are not authorized, but will be moved to the new merchant provider as post dated payments (due today).
    • Those cards can then be authorized in next end of day against the new merchant account.
    • This allows you to maximize sales uptime and minimize web sales outage to minutes.

Switching Merchant Information in Theatre Manager

  1. Goto Setup >> System Tables > Merchant Accounts. to see the merchant account list. You should see both your current and your future merchant records.
  2. Open both your old merchant account and your new one.
  3. Select the Employee tab on both windows
  4. Drag the employees from the old merchant account to the Employee tab of the new merchant account.
  5. Select the Cards tab on both windows
  6. Drag the credit cards from the old merchant account to the Cards tab of the new merchant account.
  7. Uncheck the Active box in the old merchant account window.
  8. Close the old merchant account window
  9. Uncheck the emergency mode setting in the new merchant account
  10. Check the 'active' flag in the new merchant account
  11. Close the new merchant account window and run a test transaction

Once the Merchant Account is updated in Theatre Manager and all Merchant Numbers have been updated, run a test transaction in the database. Run an End of Day in Theatre Manager to ensure the transaction batches properly. Once you are sure the transactions are processing correctly you can then start up the web sales again and employees can log back into the database.

Switching your Ticket Faces to print your New Merchant Account Information

  1. Goto Setup >> Ticket Faces
    This will open the Ticket Faces List window.
  2. Locate your Credit Card ticket Face
  3. Edit the ticket face
  4. Locate the line of code that displays your current merchant account number(s) (if they are hard coded on the ticket face). If the field is MM_MERCHANT_NUMBER, then no change is require to your ticket faces
  5. Edit the line of code to have your new merchant account information
  6. Click the Save button
  7. Click Save the toolbar

Employees will need to log out of Theatre Manager and back in for changes to take effect. Once logged back in a test transaction can be processed to ensure the new merchant account processes cards correctly.