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The Accounting section of Theatre Manager is used for the general ledger setup, general ledger transactions, deposits, receivables, end of day posting, and year end posting. There are many facets to the Accounting section. All of the Accounting functions can be reached through the main menu bar. For more general information and tips on Accounting, click here.

Parts of the Accounting Menu

General Ledger The General Ledger sub-menu contains access to the general ledger and general journal transactions. For more information about the General Ledger sub-menu, click here.
Receivables The Receivables sub-menu contains access to bank deposits and receivables within Theatre Manager. For more information on the Receivables sub-menu, click here.
Payables This function is planned for implementation at a later date.
End of Day Wizard The End of Day Wizard is used for posting all sales at the end of the business day to the general ledger. For more information about the End of Day Wizard, click here.
Confirm Attendance The Confirm Attendance function is used for verifying tickets that were actually used for a performance. It allows tracking of tickets once they have been given to the patron. For more information on the Confirm Attendance function, click here.
Transaction Monitor The Transaction Monitor is used to see transactions that are happening throughout the day in Theatre Manager. This is useful to see how sales are going throughout the day. For more information on the Transaction Monitor, click here.