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Ticket Trove

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Apple deprecated 32 bit apps on iOS 11 (released Sep 2017). This affects ticket trove - and because of of the design, it could not be made 64 bit. We are evaluating a different design and purpose for the future.

What is Ticket Trove and how will TicketTrove do its magic?

TicketTrove is designed to be a matchmaking tool. It is intended to provide a list of events that are available for sale in a geographical area so patrons can find them -- based on current location, visiting location, or travel destination. If an organization does not currently have anything for sale online, its becomes a means of helping to identify organizations and where they are located.

Arts Management Systems has built an application on our servers to periodically (every few hours) ask an organizations web listeners what is available for sale. Event details are populated directly from the organizations web listener. The company name, address, phone number and web site are all pulled from the Arts Management Systems database. If the information appears incorrectly please contact Diane at sales @ It effectively reads data displayed on an organizations online ticketing web site. This data is aggregated into location files such as one for Calgary, one for Schenectady, one for Regina, one for Toronto, one for San Diego, etc. plus the surrounding area for 75km/50 miles.

This data is presented in an application format. When the patron hits the buy button, they will 'leave' the TicketTrove application and go to the selected clients online ticketing web site. This means all commerce occurs through the organizations web listeners and all sales are branded by the organization. There is no involvement from TicketTrove beyond displaying the events in the application and helping point people at an organizations web site.

We think this will help patrons meet your organization in a new way.

How much does TicketTrove cost?

Free is free. Really, it is free. There is no cost to an organization, no cost to a potential patron. Its a feature of Theatre Manager. All an organization needs to do is manage the data.