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Setup for TicketTrove

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In preparation for TicketTrove there are certain area's of Theatre Manager that should be updated. All changes should be made directly within the Theatre Manager database. These recommendations will help an organization stand out within the application and are available in version 9.08 of Theatre Manager and higher.

The key area's to update are Company Preferences, Events, Performances and Venue Maps.

In each of the above areas, there is an image that can be used to display on the iPhone/iPad. The order of preference is as follows:

  • If there is a graphic in the event, it will display for all performances of the event. Example: a graphic for Lion King will only appear on Lion King events.
  • If a graphic has not been added to an event, TicketTrove will use the graphic assigned to the theatre map instead. Example: if there is a graphic for the 'Pacficic Theatre' venue, it will be used for all 'Pacific Theatre' performances where the events do not have unique graphic's of their own.
  • If there isn't a venue or event graphics, then the graphic displayed will be the graphic in company preferences. At the minimum, a company logo should be placed in the Company Preferences window within Theatre Manager. This will ensure that if there isn't an event or venue graphic, the company logo will be displayed. It will also mean if there are currently no event available for sale online the company will be uniquely branded in Ticket Trove.