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The data stored in Theatre Manager is very valuable, and you want to protect it from those not authorized to access it. You, as a business, also have a responsibility to your patrons to keep their data protected. Therefore, all Employees must log in to Theatre Manager in order to see any data or process any transactions by using not only their name, but a password as well. The password should be known only to the Employee in an effort to protect their electronic identity.

All transactions are linked to an Employee record. This means that for every sale, refund, exchange, form letter request... every process, Theatre Manager records the Employee initials for the Employee performing that task. If Employees 'share' an Employee record, then the audit trail of 'who did what' vanishes, and there will be no way to track which Employee performed a specific task. Sharing logins is not only poor business practice, but violates PCI Compliance.

There are a two options to set up log on to Theatre Manager, depending on the level of security you wish to invoke for the Employees. You can provide:

There are also special considerations for logging in using the Outlet Edition.