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Time on Computer Differs From Server

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You log into Theatre Manager and you get the following message:

Your computer date/time (MMDDYYYY 00:00:00) differs from the date on the database server (MMDDYYYY 00:00:00) by more than 30 seconds.

This error is one generated by Theatre Manager. Theatre Manager checks the time between the application and the Postgres Database Server as time is important in journalizing accounting.

If only one workstation is affected, it is ok to proceed with work but you should address the time discrepancy as soon as possible. Check the workstation clock

If all workstations are getting the error, stop work, and resolve the issue as it may have a bigger impact on when transactions are posted. Check the time or timezone on the database server.

Why does the time deviate?

It is a well established fact that computers don't keep time very well. They do a darn good job, but the time is generally based on the oscillation of crystals which are based on the frequency in the line voltage. If line voltage frequency varies from the normal +/- 60 cycles per second, it means clocks don't run true and they will never match the accuracy of an atomic clock.

Computer time can change on a particular machine for a number of reasons:

  • sometimes it is the battery, or
  • in older machines, it is not calculating the daylight savings time changes properly.
  • Or your computer is in a different timezone than the database and needs an explicit offset

microsoft even states in this article that they expect the clock on the CPU to vary a minute a day up to an hour. yes, the article states that your computer clock may lose an hour a day.