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Logging off Theatre Manager is an important part of using the software. Since each client is provided with a specific number of licenses based on their contract with Arts Management Systems, you have only a limited number of licenses to go around your office. If you do not properly log off Theatre Manager, you may preclude someone else in your office from logging on.

Theatre Manager site licenses are 'concurrent' licenses - meaning, if your venue has ten user licenses, then ten workstations can be logged on at any one time. Theatre Manager can be installed on every workstation in your office, but only ten can log in at the same time. This emphasizes the need to have users log off when they are not using Theatre Manager.

If your venue utilizes web sales, it can be advantageous to log off Employees and have them log on as Web Listeners at the end of their work day. This will expand the capacity of web sales over the night time hours when the Box Office is not open.

To Log Off of Theatre Manager, you perform the following steps:

There are two methods to log off of Theatre Manager.

  • On the PC - From the Theatre Manager main menu, select File >> Quit.
  • On the Mac - From the Theatre Manager main menu, select Quit Theatre Manager.

Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut of:

  • On the PC - Control+Q.
  • On the Mac - Command+Q.

Change User

Occasionally, you may need to switch the Employee profile you are using in order to log on as a different Employee (for example the Master User or Web Listener). Rather than quitting Theatre Manager and logging back on, you can simply 'Change User.' This option will log off the current user, and return you to the login window.

  • On both the PC and the Mac, choose File >> Change User