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Changing the active Database

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If you have multiple databases - such as a live, 'Production' database and a 'Training' database that is used for either training new employees in a benign environment or as a test bed for new ideas, concepts or features - you can switch between the databases on a 'per machine' basis. This means that while most of the office is using the 'Production' database, you can set a new employee at an out-of-the-way workstation where they can learn Theatre Manager without affecting the real data.

In general, Arts Management Systems will set up a Training database for you when we are visiting you onsite. If you require one at some other time, then simply contact Support at, and we can arrange to remote in to your server and update your Training database for you. Note: In some cases, there may be a nominal charge for building a new Training database.

A good time to rebuild your Training database is immediately after you have loaded all your events for the upcoming season.
Click to see how to log into your database if it is hosted on the AMS Cloud

To Change the Database:

  1. Double click on the icon on your desktop

  2. Either the List of Employees window or the Access ID window will appear.

  3. Click the button in the bottom left of the window.
  4. The Database Connection window will appear.

  5. Use the drop down for DB Name to choose a different database.
  6. You can also switch from a local database and log into the AMS Cloud Server and back, depending where your database is.

  7. Click the button.
  8. Either the List of Employees window or the Access ID window will reappear.

    When switching databases, it is important to make note if the database is for Demo or Training use.

    Often the Production and Training database are identical. However:

    • A Training database is clearly marked on the login window (where demo is shown below) and the title of every screen contains the word training
    • A Demo database is marked as below.