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Plug-in Modules

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Plugins are customized special code segments written by Arts Management specifically tailored to perform business rule logic to automatically alter prices on tickets, memberships, gift certificates, fees, donations, and/or mail lists for patrons who purchase either online, or via the box office. Their purpose is to enforce site specific rules during the sales process.

The organization describes a business rule / reason why to alter a patrons shopping cart purchases, then Arts Management writes customized code to perform that action. Plugin code may be required to change/adapt over time, depending if the business rules or requirements change within the organization from year to year.

The "how does a plugin work" is not as important from your viewpoint, as having a clearly defined business rule/requirement to Arts Management for each situation. Whats important is that a business rule offers an A or B solution. If conditions X, Y, and Z are met, then perform action A. If conditions P & Q are met, perform action B. etc. It can also be as simple as if condition R is met, perform action C.

Plugins cycle through the defined business rules each time an item is added or removed from the shopping cart. If any of the business rule conditions "match" items within the cart, then the those items are processes through the special code segment to alter their default state (i.e. alter their price, price code, and/or sales promotion —> the most common alterations).

Plugins allow patrons to utilize web sales for their purchases by receiving their justified discounts without having to contact the box office directly. Plugins are also utilized in the box office to automatically provide patrons their justified discounts; without having the box office staff to remember each business rule to determine discounts patron may be applicable for.

For example, plug-ins could achieve the following kinds of special rules:

  • if more than 10 tickets are purchased, automatically change them to a group sale
  • provide preferred seating areas to donors of a certain level
  • limit ticket sales to certain events at certain times of the year to people who buy subscriptions
  • automatically convert ticket sales from single tickets to subscriptions if the customers buys a certain number of tickets.
  • automatically give subscribers (or frequent buyers) discounts on subsequent tickets.
  • prevent a sale for next season unless a donation is received.

Plug-ins may be associated with specific sales promotions and also when checking out an order.

If you want a plug-in, you must contact Arts Management and speak with someone in Software Development department. Sales Plug-Ins are customized code, our standard custom programming rate per hour will apply.