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Coupon and Pre-Access Codes

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Coupons and pre-access codes provide a lot of versatility. Their prime purpose is to allow one or both of:
  • A discount on a certain show to a target market segment
  • Access to that event before it goes on sales to the public - or that is never on sale to the general public

Examples of marketing activities that are supported

  1. Amex front of the line. The performance must be tagged as only accepting AMEX for a period of time.)
  2. A one time mailing discount for subscriber purchases online - for their tickets
  3. Automatic access to events based on a patron classification (mail list) once the patron logs in so you know that the access code cannot be passed around the internet - the recipients can be identified up front
  4. A wide ranging discount (eg 2 for 1) if a special coupon code is entered - including limiting the number of uses of that sale promotion within a section of the venue
  5. Scaled discounts based on the first x people get '10%' in an area, the next Y people get '5%' based on sales rules
  6. Limited access to subscribers to an add on show after the fact. The general capability can be extended (using plugins) to any people that satisfy a dynamic set of criteria such as donors in the past 6 months to certain campaigns that also have bought other specific events.
  7. and much more - refer to the explanation of each window.
The Coupon Codes window is accessed through Setup >> System Tables >> Coupon Codes.

From this window you can add, remove and edit Coupon Codes.