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Order discounts (negative fees)

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The use of negative fees and the ability to change it from the default discount requires a special permission set for the employee in the function tab of employee setup, per the image to the right.

This in the column 'window' and look for Fees - to allow the user to Enter a negative value for a fee (i.e. discount).

It is possible to create fees that discount an entire order - essentially negative fees. This can be useful for a one time subscription discount or for refunding portions of ticket fees.

The example below highlights some of the things you might need for setting up a negative order fee. There are variations such as if subscribers get an automatic discount vs tuition discounts that would not be automatic.


Example for Tuition Fee Discount

Key settings for a negative fee like tuition refund would be:

Description Tab (highlighted below)

  • Give it a name like Tuition Refund for tracking purposes
  • Use an account that appropriately identifies the refund in your accounting system.
    Since it is a refund, it is probably an expense account or cost of goods. Please discuss with your accountant for the proper account number for tracking purposes.
  • Be sure that Do not automatically add to orders is unchecked if you want to add the fee manually such as Tuition Refunds. Click it for automatic order discount such as for Subscription Sales.

Calculation Tab (highlighted below)

  • Make it a per order fee
  • Allow the fee to be changed if you are going to be prorating the tuition refund based on number of classes attended.
  • if your tuition is taxable, then the fee should also be taxable at the same rate. Most often tuition is not taxable.

Edits Tab (highlighted below)

  • Apply fee to actions: Modify (optionally Exchange and Refund)
  • Apply fee at Box office only