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Membership, Pass, G/C Types

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Passess, Gift Certificates and Memberships are bought by a patron and may (depending on your company) entitle them to a monthly newsletter, advanced ticket purchases, or discounts on ticket sales. Memberships can also be setup to allow a set number of free admissions with purchase. Gift Certificates are purchased for a dollar denomination and then given to another patron who can use the gift certificate as cash to purchase tickets for a performance. Passes can be setup to provide free admissions to a predefined number of performances; as well passes can be setup as "Average cost per Admission" the pass is purchased for a set price and allows x number of admissions. when the pass is redeemed Theatre Manager will override the price code and change the price to the denomination of the pass.

Setting up Pass G/Cs and Memberships is performed throughout the Pass G/C Member Types Window. The window is accessed through the Setup >> System Tables >> Pass G/C Types Menu

The Member Types Window opens.

Click here for a detailed description of this window.