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Tasks are a major feature of Theatre Manager's newest versions and the Facility Management module. For more information about the Facility Management module click here. To read more specifically about tasks and their place within Facility Management, click here.

This section shows how to set up an organization's resources for use within tasks. A resource can be anything from a consumable item (like paper cups or candy bars for concession), to reusable items like tables and chairs, to rooms for rent, or even employees or volunteers whose time can be considered a resource for a task (and billed to clients using the Facility Management billing/invoicing feature). Resources can be as broadly or narrowly defined as you decide you need them to be.

To open the Tast Resource setup, you perform the following steps:

  1. Choose Setup >> System Tables >> Resources.

    The Resource List window opens to the All resources tab.

For more information about the List window for Resources, click here.