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Sales Rules

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Sales rules are used to provide mappings of a sales promotion and/or price codes from one promotion and/or price code to another. They can be used in conjunction with one or more of:

Coupon codes which offer a price reduction by way of a sales promotion will require a sales rule. Memberships/Passes which convert the ticket to an average dollar per admission will require a sales rule.

Sales Rules are designed to alter the sales promotion from one that is typically used on a regular basis to another which may be restricted for use by applying a promotion conversion. Although they are not exclusive for use for online sales this is particularly useful for the self-serve online patron to offer price reductions or special rates.

Sales Rules which convert promotions are also useful in tracking the type of ticket(s) that have been purchase for any given event. By applying a Promotion Conversion you can then track how many tickets were sold using a specific coupon code or pass type within your ticket based report.

Sales Rules are accessed from the Setup Menu >> System Tables >> Sales Rules

The following window will appear.

From this window you will click to create a Sales Rule - Promotion Conversion