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Online Forms

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Online forms allow you to create fillable forms that are required for purchase of some events. For example, you could have
  • A consent form for photography for courses and fundraisers
  • A Medical questionnaire for child related activities
  • A form for pickup and dropoff of underage people at the venue


Purpose of Online Forms

  • can be mandatory or optional. If mandatory, then a patron cannot finish checkout without a form being filled out
  • can cross events, meaning that if you fill one out for one course, it can carry across to the other.
  • can expire - as in they might last for a year, or for ever, or expire a specific date
  • can be signed by a family on behalf of another, such as a parent for a child, if so indicated on the form


General usage of Online Forms

There really are only a few steps to using online forms

  • Make the online consent form or questionnaire
  • Find the event (or performance) that you want the from to be applicable to, and put it there
  • When people buy online, they will be required to fill out the form for the person attending the event. If a course if gifted to a child, they will fill it out on behalf of the other person.
  • and you can see all forms filled out for a patron within their record