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Sales Management

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Allow Selling Tickets - At the Box Office Allows the selling of tickets at the Box Office. In the input field on the right, you can set the date and time that tickets are to be released for sale.
Allow Selling Tickets - Via the Internet Allows the selling of tickets via the Internet. In the input field on the right, you can set the date and time that tickets are to be released for sale.
Patron can view Performance on Internet If you want the world to know when performance dates are (including your web site and Ticket Trove), but you do not yet want to allow them to be sold online (and there is no definitive onsale date), you can mark the performance so that 'patrons can view performance online'. When this occurs, the event will show up online in the right place , but the buy button will be disabled and the user will be informed to call the box office.
Allow Tickets - At Other Outlets Allows the selling of tickets at Other Outlets. In the input field on the right, you can set the date and time that tickets are to be released for sale.

You can also specify which outlet will sell for the performance from the list on the right. Click here for more information on enabling for outlet sales.

Allow Accept post dated payments This feature is for internet sales to allow patrons to create a post dated payment schedule when buying to this performance. The final date field will determine the number of monthly payment instalments at check out.
Season Control Performance If this is a Control house performance, the check box will be enabled. It also lists the Assigned Seats, the Subscription Seats which have been assigned, the number of Seats Renewed and the Subscriptions Renewed.
Allow Tickets - As Pay-What-You-Can in Before-Event-Sales When using the Before-Event-Sales function, this allows tickets to be sold as Pay-What-You-Can.
Sales Controls - Prevent Overselling This field can only be accessed if you are selling using the Festival or Inventory methods.
Payment Settings for the web
Final Date If entered, this represents the final date after which all credit cards will be accepted for this performance. Before that final date, only the credit card types in the 'accepted credit card' list will be shown on the online payment window - and only if tickets for the specific performance are in the cart.

If the patron has multiple performances in the cart, each with their own designated credit cards, then online sales will restrict the visible card types to only those that are available for all performances in the cart (i.e. it takes the most restrictive list).

If the date is blank, then you cannot restrict credit card payments - and all cards will be accepted

Accepted Credit Cards Click to select the credit card payment types that can be accepted online - if this performance is in the patrons shopping cart. A final date must be specified. After that time, all credit card types will be accepted.
Note: it doesn't matter what performances the user buys, if they just happen to pick one that is restricted to a specific card, then ALL other payment methods are eliminated and the user can only use that card to check out.
Enable Post Dated Payments Click to indicate of the patron can elect to pay for this performance using post dated payments online.
Final Payment Date If post dated payments are accepted, indicate the date by which all payments must be made. Theatre Manager will generate equal monthly payments for the user and offer them that choice online.