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Volunteer Tab

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"Volunteer" is a broad term meaning "Personnel," "Volunteers," "Staff," or a variety of other terms. The field refers to any person assigned to an activity - whether they are paid or unpaid. you may have a mixture of paid and unpaid staff within the same event, for example Ushers (who are unpaid) and Run Crew (who are compensated). Since the name of the field is customizable, some organizations may retain the term "Volunteer," while others change it to reflect their own terminology. The nomenclature in your database may be different than "Volunteer."

This Volunteer tab displays a list of the volunteers (personnel) assigned to each performance of the event, and what their task will be during the performance.

Parts of the Volunteer tab

Performance Information On the left side of the window, the listing of performances including the sequence number of the performance, series code, and performance date.
Volunteer Information On the right side of the window, the listing of volunteers assigned to a specific performance.
Allows you to look up and add a volunteer to the selected performance.
Brings up the Volunteer Activity Detail window for the selected patron.
Allows you to remove a volunteer from the selected performance.
Show volunteer working entire event Enabling the check box, displays the volunteers who are working for the entire play. Disabling shows the volunteers who are working the selected performance only.