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Pricing - Price Codes

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On the Play/Event Setup Window, price codes are displayed on the right side and are for the currently selected (highlighted) performance. Clicking on the different performances will change the prices seen.

This section is a description of the Price List, Setting a Default Price Code for a performance, Copying Prices and Editing Prices.

Pricing Information

Pricing information for the selected performance on the left, displays in the price list on the right side of the Play Setup Window. When you click on different performances the price list will change. From left to right the price list displays:

Code Displays the single character code that is associated with this price. This character was assigned in the Price Code field in the Venue Map window.
Use? Check box field. If the box is checked then the price code is available for use by the performance that is highlighted in the performance list.
Description The description you give to easily identify the price code. For example, Adult, Child, Senior, Student. Or alternatively: Front, Mezzanine, Loge, Balcony.
Price Displays the dollar value of the price code. For example, $10.00, 15.00... etc.
City Displays the amount of city tax charged on the price code.
State/PST Displays the amount of provincial / state tax that is charged on the price code.
Federal/GST Displays the amount of Federal tax charged on the price code.
Price + Tax Displays the total price of the price code with all taxes included.