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Adding New Price Codes from Venue

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Theatre Manager Supports dynamic pricing where you can change the pricing zones in a venue, change the prices, and/or change the pricing map for the performance.

If new price zones are found when looking at pricing for a performance that do not have corresponding prices, you will see an alert dialog that asks what you want to do with those additional pricing zones. You can:

  • Cancel adding the new pricing zones - which means that the new prices will not be created. This is the best option as pricing is not changed.
  • Add the pricing zones to the performance as initially disabled, which means that the price codes are added as zero price, but not enabled for purchasing. This is a safe option since the price codes are added, but nobody can use them until you set prices.
  • Add the price zones as initially enabled, which means that the prices are instantly available as zero price tickets. This is the least safe option, but probably what you would pick if the event is not available for sale online. If a performance is available for sale online, the disabled setting is automatically be used for that performance.
You will only receive this message to add prices if:
  • The event is still open for sales. If it has been closed or is inactive, you will not be prompted to add prices if they are different
  • You click on each performance in the prices tab to view the prices for that performance - ie the prices codes are not automatically added on change of venue.
  • there are additional price codes in the venue that are not set up for the performance