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Selecting a Default Price Code

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Note: Default price only applies to box office sales.

Web sales always default to selecting the highest price because patrons generally accept any price offered. They never look to pay more, but they may look to pay less if it applies. Psychologically, if a computer offers a lower price, then people assume it must be right and nobody looks.

The default price list only shows one line of price, so if you want to show more prices for customers online, you can edit rowTicketReserve.html to show more lines - allowing the patron to see and then pick a price easier.

Each performance (series) can have its own default price code setting.

  1. Click on the Pricing Tab of the Event Setup Window.

    Pricing information will display on the right side of the Event Setup Window.

  2. Select the performance to set the Default Price Code for.

    Click on the performance from the performance list. The prices for this performance display in the price list on the right side of the window.

  3. Open the Default Price Code drop down list.

    A list of usable price codes is displayed.

  4. Select the Price Code to be the Default.

    Do this by clicking on a price code from the list.