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Performance Tab

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The Performance Tab is used to create the performances that make up a play. Performance information cannot be added (and the tab will not be made available) until Play information and Accounting information have been entered and saved. If a play has already been set up you can access the Performance Tab at any time.

Sale Settings

Selling at the Box Office Checking this box allows you to sell the performance at the Box Office.
Selling via the Internet Checking this box allows you to sell the performance on the Internet.
Patrons Can view if not for sale If checked, then the event can be set to show online as coming up, even if not yet for sale. It allows pre-announcing events without enabling for sale.
Selling at ALL Other Outlets Checking this box allows you to sell the performance at other outlets. If you allow a performance to be sold at another outlet, you can now specify which outlets have the capability so that each performance can be sold by different people.
Access Allows you to control what security levels have the ability to sell this performance. Click here for more information on Sell Security.
Season Control House Checking this box allows the performance to be used in a Control House for subscribers.
Prevent Overselling Checking this box prevents the performance from being oversold.

Performance Information

Perf # Unique performance number generated by Theatre Manager.
Sales Method Type of seating used for the performance, typically either Festival or Reserved.
Date Date of the performance.
Time Time of the performance.
Event/Play A quick reference for the Event/Play Code.
# Sold Number of seats sold for this performance.
# Available Number of seats currently available for purchase for this performance.
# Report Number of seats currently used for reporting.
Perf Type This is a versitile, customizable code table field you can use to flag specific performances. You can use it for display on the web and it can also be used like the Genre flag for TicketTrove. It can also be used for reports to narrow down searching for specific performances. Click here for more information on Pef Type.
Box Office? Whether the performance is available for sale at the Box Office.
Web? Whether the performance is available for sale on the Internet.
Outlet? Whether the performance is available for sale at an outlet.
Subscription? Whether the performance is available for sale via a subscription.
Oversell? Whether overselling is allowed for this performance.
Play # The Play number that this performance is part of.

Additional Buttons

There are additional columns of information that can be displayed in this window. Right click on the column header to check/uncheck desired columns.
Creates a new performance and opens the Performance Setup Window. Click here for more information.
Opens one or more Performance Setup Window(s) for the selected performances.
Deletes the selected performance. Click here for more information.
Shows all transactions for the selected performance.
Verifies all seats for the selected performance. It is best to do this when no other users are logged in.
Convert Earned to Deferred There is a feature on the context menu that allows you to convert earned revenue back to deferred if the performance has been rolled over already. You can select one or more performances and roll them all back.

The feature is described in more detail on the performance detail window at the bottom