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Using Access Groups

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Certain types of records within Theatre Manager may need restrictions as to who can view/edit them. If this is the case you will see a field on the screen labelled 'Access' as per the first image.

When you click on the popup, there are 3 options to choose from and which are explained below. These security access groupings are defined in code tables and need to be assigned to an employee.

All Groups If you have access to all groups (form employee prefernces) or if the current record allows access by all employees, you will be able to set that 'all groups' have access.

This setting means that anybody may view or edit this particular record.

My Access The setting allows you to change the access of the current record to provide at least the same access that you have.

You cannot remove groups that you do not have access to, so that means if you only are assigned the box office and finance groups, and the existing record has box office and marketing, marketing will still have access.

Custom If you select this option, you will see a floating window like the image below. You will only see groups to which you are assigned and you can indicate which ones other employees will need to access the record.

If there are groups to which you do not belong and that are part of the security for this record, you will neither see them, nor be able to change them and they will always be put back onto the security string.

This means you can

  • give or take away access to groups you belong to
  • but not groups that you do not.