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Patron Relationships

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Patron Relationship tracking is a convenient way to know the nature of the relationship amongst patrons such as: whether two people share a subscription and sit together, who works on external Boards together, or what guardians can pick up a minor after a class.

The example below provides some ideas for the relationship code table that you can enhance to suit your business and CRM requirements.

Making a relationship entry under one patron automatically makes an entry under the other patron. The code table allows you to create terminology that clearly defines both sides of the relationship. For example:

  • in a family relationship you could use Parent/Child to show who is the parent in the relationship and who is the child.
  • a work relationship could be supervisor/employee.
  • some relationships might use the same words like coworker/coworker.
  • some political relationships could be Knows the Mayor/Is known by the Mayor

Use any pair of words that helps you define the relationship.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.