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Default Posting Accounts

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Specific general ledger asset and income accounts are required to be defined prior to Creating Sales Entries and performing Deposits.

Refer to the section General Ledger Accounts to create the account information. Click here for more information.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.

Because these code table values are defaulted, you may not insert a new default account or delete an existing account, however, you can edit an existing account. The result values are the types of default accounts that must be set up in Theatre Manager.

You must assign a General Ledger Account number to each of the defaulted values. The general ledger accounts you use must be created to carry out the sole purpose of the default value.

For example: Once you have an accounts receivable account, that account will only be used as an accounts receivable account.

Note: The donation main bank account and the transfer bank account have special meaning cannot be the same.

Refer to the help on setting up Restricted Donation Accounts for more information.


Editing a Default Account

The default accounts should not need to be edited or changed very often. There may be times which you need to.

For example: When upgrading Theatre Manager, sometimes new default accounts are added, or you may desire to change the account numbers on a yearly basis. Before editing a default account ensure that there is a general ledger account number that is set up.

Refer to Creating General Ledger Accounts for more information.

  1. Double click on the account to be edited.

    The Entry of Account Description Window opens.

  2. Enter the G/L account number.

    If you do not already have a general ledger account number setup in G/L accounts do so now. Entering a G/L Account number here, will assign a general ledger account to the default account in code tables.

    For example: The default account "Exchange Fees" is assigned the G/L Account # 4 - 2000 - 200. Therefore all revenue generated from exchange fees will be posted to that account number.
  3. Enter an account purpose (or description).

    This field should be already filled in. You may change the name if you like, but it is not recommended.

  4. Click Save

    The changes have now been saved.