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Order Reasons to Buy

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The Reasons to Buy (or why did patron buy) code table is used to maintain what made the patron purchase tickets. This code table is used on the payment window. This can be used for determining the effectiveness of the marketing tools your company is using.

It is recommended that this code table be somewhat specific and contain between 10 and 25 key possible reasons for why patrons buy from your organization. Examples might be:

  • some newspaper sources
  • some social media sources
  • some sources based on annual activities like subscriptions, fundraiser, or donation
  • some sources based on referrals like friends

The Revenues by Why Did Patron Buy report is a great way to summarize this data for relevant events and periods of time.

You can make collection of this data mandatory for all orders by enabling the reason to buy option in System Preferences.
For all values in this table, you will want to take care in where you make them available.
  • Available at box office
    • will likely be checked for most reasons, but may not be checked for reasons like Facebook Referral or what have you.
    • You may also any to disable seasonal things when not appropriate such as Subscription or Christmas Flyer and then enable them again when appropriate.
  • Available on internet
    • should be unchecked for reasons that a customer should not pick.
    • e.g. <forgot to ask> is not really suitable for online sales.
For online donations, you will want a code table entry that:
  • indicates that the order is for donations (e.g if the word donation is in the reason to buy list, it is probably sufficient)
  • is active
  • has the Available on internet unchecked so it cannot be picked during online ticket orders.
  • is placed in the tmcheckoutdonationreasontobuy.html web page for donation only onliny orders.

For information about editing values in Code Tables, click here.