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  • This web page include file is only used when patrons check out with only a donation in their cart
  • It much be changed if you have made reason to buy mandatory for all orders, which also means those orders taken on your web site. In the case of orders containing only donations, you want the donation process to be speedy - and so you must then pick the value you prefer as the mandatory Donation reason to buy. This is placed in the hidden field on this web page

What to Change:

  • Find the sequence number that you want to use as the donation reason to buy for any online donations. This is found in Setup >> System Tables >> Code Tables under Order Reason to Buy.
  • Update the ORD_REASON_BUY_FC_SEQ numeric Value in the web page
  • Once changes have been made, this page should be saved to the /1/WebPagesXX/tmTemplates folder.



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