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  • Displays the payment methods available for completing the order when there is more then one currency.
  • This option requires a second merchant account to be created under Setup >> System Tables >> Merchant Types within Theatre Manager. For details on how to create a merchant account click here.
  • The Enable Card Use By The Web Listener box should be checked under the Software Type of the Merchant Account.
  • In the setup of the new merchant account select the Currency tab. Select the desired country from the Currency Country drop down and enter a G/L Account to allocate the difference from the exchange rate.
  • The Exchange Rate should be entered under Setup >> System Tables >> Currency Exchange within Theatre Manager. For more information on setting up a Currency Exchange rate click here.
  • Select the Cards tab and add the credit cards that should be processed using this currency rate. If a card can be used for more then one rate a second payment method should be setup for the card type. For more information on setting up payment methods click here.



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