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  • The default text for contact information within the TMpatronNew.html page.
  • The contact type is coded into Theatre Manager. The sequence numbers are listed within this page and should not be altered.
  • The location options are based on the default selection for Patron Location within Setup >> System Tables >> Code Tables of Theatre Manager.
  • In this page the number 2 appears twice. It the value is undefined in the Theatre Manager database the online sales will leave the text in this location blank.
  • Allows for the customization of the text and accommodates change of language


An example of the file and how it affects the new patron window is shown below. In the default file, all items are commented out (with a '#' in the first column). In the sample, 5 entries were made:

  • 4 <tab> Work - means there will be an email address area at the top of the screen called Work
  • 1 <tab> Home - means there will be an address block called Home
  • 1 <tab> Work - means there will be a second address block called Work
  • 2 <tab> Home - means there will be an phone field called Home
  • 2 <tab> Work - means there will be an phone field called Work

some notes:

  • Home or Work must be valid entries in the location code table. If you leave them blank, then TM will take the defaults for each block type.
  • You can have as many of each block type as you wish -- for example you could have 10 home phone number prompts just by having 10 entries in the file.
  • There must be a <tab> after the block type and the name of the block.
  • You must have a block specified that meets your minimum data requirements. For example: if you require any address entries, then you must have at least one address block. You must also have an email block, as that is the patron's identifier



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