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  • This pages is sent as a response to hand held scanners during the Check In process.
  • The page provides the status of the admission, the beep associated with the status and the reason for the message.
  • The scanner needs to be set to the check in option prior to scanning tickets.
  • If the ticket status is set to Not Used within Theatre Manager scanning the ticket will change the status and indicate the ticket is a "GO" for admission.
  • If the ticket status is set to Used within Theatre Manager the result will be the "STOP" screen. This is due to a ticket previously being scanned as checked in but not being scanned as checked out. Thus the status is still Used within Theatre Manager.



Able to Call Page(s):

  • Not Applicable

Called By Page(s):

  • This page is called by a hand held scanner.

Page(s) Referenced:

  • Not Applicable