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  • This page contains the button links to the Upcoming Events, My Upcoming Events and My Upcoming Activities calendars.
  • The Upcoming Events calendar displays a list of upcoming Performances and Courses available for purchase online.
  • The My Upcoming Events calendar contains a calendar of performances and coursed the patron has purchased admission to.
  • The My Upcoming Activities calendar shows a list of upcoming activities the patrons has been scheduled to perform through Theatre Manager.
  • The page also contains the token needed for subscribing to the calendars listed above.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What is the Calendar Token for?
A: The Token is used for subscribing to a calendar. It is a unique value that allows for syncing with outside applications such as iCal, Outlook or Google Calendars.

Q: Why would you reset a Calendar Token?
A: Reseting the token makes the previous token invalid. It prevents any previously subscribed calendar applications from accessing the calendar until the token has been updated in that program.

Q: Is the Calendar Token needed to download the calendar?
A: The token is only needed when subscribing to a calendar.

Q: What is the difference between Downloading and Subscribing to a Calendar?
A: When a calendar is downloaded the ICS file contains all Performances and Classes as of the download date. By subscribing to a calendar the details in the third party application will update as the information in the Theatre Manager database updates. If new Events are made available online the Performances or Classes will appear in the subscribed Upcoming Events calendar. When the patron purchases, exchanges or refunds tickets the details will automatically update in the subscribed My Upcoming Events calendar.



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