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  • This page is most commonly referenced when the Apache machine has recently been restarted and there is no communication between Apache and the Web Listener or if a connection between Apache and the Web Listener has never been established.
  • If the Apache machine has been restarted and online sales is scheduled to be down for a period of time this page should be edited to reflect the information the patron will see during the outage. For example: Our online ticketing is currently unavailable, please contact the box office for assistance.
  • Contains a reference line at the bottom of the page that should point to the companies main web page once edited.
  • This page can be avoided by logging in to Theatre Manager as a web listener within the network or by correcting any network issues that may be preventing communication between Apache and the Web Listener.



Able to Call Page(s):

  • The Companies main web site.

Called By Page(s):

  • The httpd.conf file within Apache.