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Key Internal Variable Fields

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Each page may have key merge fields that appear within <field> and </field> tags when the source code is viewed in a text editor. Most of these merge fields are internal , and should not be altered.

These are the different types of internal Variable Theatre Manager Fields that can be used in almost all pages. There are some fields:

F_HTML_FIREWALL The A record of the Web Server URL as set in the Apache tab of Company Preferences
F_HTML_IMAGE_SERVER Web Pages path of the Image/Gif server as set in Web Listener tab of Company Preferences in conjunction with the Outlet Number of the database.
F_HTML_IMAGE_EBLAST_SERVER path for images that are part of an e-blast to pull them from the second generation listener
F_HTML_PAGE_IDENTIFIER the Page Identifier which maintains the patron's connectivity during a session
F_HTML_PAGE_MESSAGE The Theatre Manager message relative to each page
F_HTML_PARAMETER an internal connectivity number that follows pages (should not be removed from the page)
F_HTML_SELECTED the selected line in the shown list
F_HTML_CART_STATUS Status of the shopping cart
F_HTML_REMOVE_CART_ITEM_YN Removing cart items (Yes or No)
F_HTML_NEXT_BEST_SEAT A field put in the confirm reserved seat page used for the 'find next best seat' function. This works in conjunction with 'btnBestAvail' and the value is filled in by Theatre Manager
F_HTML_NEXT_BEST_AREA Also put in the reserved seating confirmation page. This field pulls from the Best Seat Setting tab of the Map in Theatre Manager. It carries forward the section that the user was searching.
F_HTML_EMAIL_ADDRESS The current logged in user's Email Address
F_HTML_LOGGED_IN This is a boolean flag indicating if the user is logged in (0=not logged in, 1=logged in). It can be used to display state on the left navigation bar
F_HTML_SOLD_PERCENT This is a number (0-100) that indicates the percentage that a performance is sold. Can be used in rowTicketEvent.html to create a visual indicator of seat availability.
F_HTML_MAIN_TEMPLATE Indicates the name of the main page that is being loaded. Very useful for identifying the page in the googleheader.html file for google analytics or for debugging if you simply put that in the header file.
F_HTML_CURRENT_TEMPLATE indicates the name of the row template page being loaded - can be used for debugging
F_HTML_CURRENT_OUTLET shows the outlet that the page is for
F_HTML_CURRENT_LANGUAGE shows the language that the page was loaded for
F_HTML_CURRENT_DATETIME the current date and time which can be used in dat functions for comparison to now
F_HTML_CURRENT_DATE the current date which can be used in dat functions for comparison to today
F_HTML_CURRENT_TIME the current time which can be used in dat functions for comparison to the time
F_HTML_DATETIME_FORMAT the format of the date and time fields
F_HTML_DATE_FORMAT the format of the date fields
F_HTML_TIME_FORMAT the format of the time fields

All of the list variables pull their information from the rowXXX.html and setXXX.html files that are in the TMtemplates folder of the WebPages folder.

F_HTML_BEST_SEATS_LIST - List of available best seats
F_HTML_CAMPAIGN_LIST - List of available Campaigns
F_HTML_COUNTRY_LIST - List of the active countries
F_HTML_CURRENT_CART_LIST - List of any current Shopping Carts
F_HTML_EVENT_LIST - List of any current Events
F_HTML_HISTORICAL_CART_DETAIL_LIST - List of details of past shopping carts
F_HTML_HISTORICAL_CART_LIST - List of past shopping carts
F_HTML_MONTH_LIST - List of months for event selection
F_HTML_PASS_LIST - List of available Passes/ Memberships
F_HTML_PAYMENT_LIST - List of available payment methods
F_HTML_PERFORMANCE_LIST - List of available performances
F_HTML_PREFER_HTML_LIST - List of patrons who prefer html emails to text
F_HTML_PROMOTIONS_LIST - List of available Sales Promotions
F_HTML_PROVINCE_LIST - list of available Provinces/ States
F_HTML_SUBSCRIBE_LIST - List of patrons who are subscribed to a specific mail list
F_HTML_TICKET_QTY_LIST - List of available quantities of tickets for the event
F_HTML_UNSUBSCRIBE_LIST - List of patrons who have Unsubscribed to a mail list
F_HTML_YEAR_LIST - List of years

Database Fields

For an up to date list of the merge fields and their meanings, from Theatre Manager, print the Utility Functions and Database Analysis report - Database Dictionary and Layout.

C_SEQ - Patron number
C_COMPANY - Patron's Company
C_TITLE - Patron's title at the company
C_FIRST_NAME - Patron's First Name
C_INITIAL - Patrons Middle Initial or name
C_LAST_NAME - Patron's Last Name
C_SEQ - patron gender (in code tables)

AD_ADDRESS1 - Patron's primary Address Line 1
AD_ADDRESS2 - Patron's primary Address Line 2
AD_CITY - Patron's City
AD_PROVINCE - Patron's province
AD_POSTAL_CODE - Patron's Postal Code
AD_COUNTRY - Patron's country

SPR_BACKUP_ELAPSED_TIME - Elapsed time into backup
SPR_FORCE_LOGOFF_DAILY_AT - Time at which users are forced off for backup
SPR_TAX1_DESC - Description of Tax Code #1
SPR_TAX2_DESC - Description of Tax Code #2
SPR_TAX3_DESC - Description of Tax Code #3

DD_CORPORATE - flag indicating a corporate gift (true or 1), or not (false or zero)
DD_AMOUNT_PLEDGE - Amount of gift given on the internet
DD_NAME_OF - Donor's name
DD_PROGRAM_YEAR - the program year in which the donor is to be recognized
DD_FLD1_FC_SEQ - key indicating the value of the donor popup field #1 - must be in code tables to be valid
DD_FLD2_FC_SEQ - key indicating the value of the donor popup field #2 - must be in code tables to be valid
DD_FLD3_FC_SEQ - key indicating the value of the donor popup field #3 - must be in code tables to be valid
DD_FLD4 - text field indicating a value for donor field 4 (can be used for a short comment if desired)
DD_NOTES - large text field for a description of the donation

D_DONATION_DESC - Description of this donation
D_DONOR1_DESC - Description of custom field 1 for donations
D_DONOR2_DESC - Description of custom field 2 for donations
D_DONOR3_DESC - Description of custom field 3 for donations
D_DONOR4_DESC - Description of custom field 4 for donations
D_FESTIVAL_DESC - Description of a Festival or General Admission event
D_MAIL_FEE_AMOUNT - Amount of mail Fee
D_MEMBER_DESC - Description of this Membership/Pass/Gift Certificate
D_SECTION_DESC - Site description for 'Section'
D_ROW_DESC - Site description of the 'Row'
D_SEAT_DESC - Site description for 'seat'
D_WEB_FEE_DESC - Description of this Web Fee
D_WEB_LISTENER_IP_PORT - the port that the web listener is listening on

DC_CAMPAIGN - Donation Campaign name
DC_SEQ - Donation Campaign number

F_WEBPAGE_PASSWORD - Password for patron

FC_SEQ - Internal number on this Code Table
FC_RESULT1_NAME - Code Table value
FC_RESULT2_NAME - Code Table value


M_PURCHASE_AMOUNT - Amount for which the membership/pass/gift certificate will be purchased for

MS_SECTION - Section the seats are in
MS_ROW_NUMBER - Row the seats are in
MS_SEAT_NUMBER - Seat numbers

MT_SEQ - Membership/ Pass type number (not control number)
MT_DESCRIPTION - Membership/Pass Description

ORD_NOTES - Any notes on an order
ORD_DATE_ENTERED - Date that an order was entered

P_SEQ - Event number (not event code)
P_PLAY_TITLE - Event title

PAY_AUTH_REF_NO - Authorization number on card payments
PAY_CARD_NO - Credit card number
PAY_CARD_EXPIRY - Credit card Expiry Date
PAY_TOTAL_PAID - Amount of the payment

PB_PERFORM_DATE - Performance Date
PB_PERFORM_TIME - Performance Time

PC_DESCRIPTION -Description of the Price Code

PM_SHORT_NAME - Mail List name

PS_QUANTITY - Quantity of tickets for Festival Seating

SC_DESCRIPTION - The description of the promotion code

SCD_DON_AMOUNT - If non-zero, the donation amount applied to a campaign
SCD_MAIL_FEE - The mailing fee for the shopping cart
SCD_MT_AMOUNT - The amount of the membership that the patron wishes to purchase
SCD_PROGRAM_NAME - The name that the patron wishes to use for this donation in the sponsor program
SCD_QUANTITY - This value is 1 for reserved seating and could be more for festival seating tickets and membership
SCD_SEQ - The shopping cart number that this purchase belongs to

SCH_DATE_CHECKOUT - The date that the patron proceeded to check out the purchased (i.e. completed it). if blank, it was never completed
SCH_DATE_ENTERED - The date that the patron began the internet purchase using his shopping cart
SCH_DATE_UPDATED - The latest date that the patron made a change to the shopping cart
SCH_TAX1 - The total of this tax type for all items in this shopping cart
SCH_TAX2 - The total of this tax type for all items in this shopping cart
SCH_TAX3 - The total of this tax type for all items in this shopping cart
SCH_TIX_QUANTITY - The total number of tickets in this shopping cart
SCH_TOTAL_COST - The total cost of the items in the shopping cart, including taxes