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Page Naming Conventions

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The Web Pages used by the Web Sales Module are of two types - those that Theatre Manager requires to have a specific name, and the ones that you are able to rename yourself to suit your needs.

All Web Pages are stored within the WebPages directory found in the folder number equal to that of your Theatre Manager database. There can be several versions of the WebPages folders each customized based on language.

The naming convention for the default web pages is:

  • If the page name includes an upper case TM, you cannot rename the page.

    Theatre Manager requires it to have that name. An example would be 'TMhome.html'.

  • If the page name includes a lower case tm, you can rename the file to suit your needs.

    When you are altering page names, ensure that the page name fits the content of the page, and does not too closely resemble another page name. This will prevent future confusion.

  • If you are using a Linux Apache Server please note the Operating System is case sensitive. You MUST take this into consideration when modifying page names.

    Programmer's Note: Changing page names will mean that you will have to check and make sure that other pages are linked to the new name.