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Mogo/Facebook/Google Marketing Pixel Conversion Codes

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Requested Data Fields

** NOTE: All field references need to be added to the pixel code using field tags. An example would be <field>SCH_ORD_SEQ</field>

These are common data fields that can be used by by Facebook, Google or MogoARTS when implementing a data layer on Theatre Manager ticketing sites.

  • Order ID= SCH_ORD_SEQ
  • Patron ID = SCH_C_SEQ
  • Total $ Spent = SCH_TOTAL_COST
  • Ticket Quantity = SCH_TIX_QUANTITY
  • other fields that you can use in web pages are referenced here

At this time, specific events cannot be tracked, as the online shopping cart can contain tickets for multiple events or items – such as donations, passes or gift certificates.


Implementing Tracking Pixels

The general steps for implementing pixels are:

  1. Get your pixel code from Mogo, Facebook or Google. There will likely be at least 2 or 3 of them
  2. There are source pixels that you place on your referring web site as part of the campaign. Eg, you might have a facebook pixel on a facebook page.
  3. There may be middle pixels that you place on your marketing web site - which is where the Facebook or mogo pixel refers you to.
  4. On your marketing web site, you would have information on the event and a buy button that takes you to the Theatre Manager commerce pages. Refer to making links for your marketing page.
  5. The end of the process is the final pixel on the checkout page.

    All these pixels:

    • are created entirely by your pixel company or your marketing representatives
    • Needs enhanced by them with some of the variables mentioned above, if thats what you want to track
    • Is placed in Theatre Managers Company Preferences->Web Options tab, most likely in the Checkout field.
    • The pixel company may also have pixels they want placed in every page. Google is an example for page tracking
  6. TEST your web pages from beginning to end and complete a transaction. Then verify that the data from your pixels is getting to your pixel tracking web site (eg MOGO or Facebook).


Other Cautionary info on Tracking Pixels

Mogo, facebook, or google pixels can be placed in Company Preferences->Web Listener tab as required to accomplish what you want without editing web pages. You can also edit web pages directly if you have unique requirements.
Conversion pixel codes imbedded in iFrames are not allowed by the Credit Card PCI Council on web pages due to a security risk called Click-Jacking (effectively a man in the middle attack vector).

If MOGO provides you with with an iframe, please inform them to give you one that is javascript. For your own safety, Theatre Manager web pages do not support embedded iFrames because the PCI Council forbids it.