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Variables in Pixel Pages

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Data Field Variables for Pixels

These are common data fields that can be used by by Facebook, Google or MogoARTS when implementing a data layer on Theatre Manager ticketing sites.

  • Order ID= <field>SCH_ORD_SEQ</field>
  • Patron ID = <field>SCH_C_SEQ</field>
  • Total $ Spent = <field>SCH_TOTAL_COST</field>
  • Ticket Quantity = <field>SCH_TIX_QUANTITY</field>
  • other fields that you can use in web pages are referenced here

At this time, specific events cannot be tracked, as the online shopping cart can contain tickets for multiple events or items – such as donations, passes or gift certificates.


** NOTE: All field references need to be added to the pixel code using <field> tags. An example would be