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  • This page is the final page before payment for the Order it processed.
  • The ticket handling at the top of the pages reflects the setup of E-Ticket handling within company preferences.
  • The the wording for E-Ticket handling may need to be altered to more accurately reflect the policies of the organization.
  • The Payment Method, Card Number, Name as it Appears, CID, Card Expiry Date fields are all mandatory fields for credit card processing.
  • If the How Did You Hear field may be set as a mandatory field within the Theatre Manager database it will also need to be entered before processing a payment.
  • If their are no Payment Method listed in the drop down click here.
  • To learn how to create options for multiple currency payment methods click here.
  • The terms and conditions checkbox only appears if enabled in company preferences

Questions and Answers:

Q: Why are there no payment methods in the drop down list?
A: If your credit card payment methods do not appear in the drop down it may be the Merchant Account is not setup to be used online. In Theatre Manager go to Setup >> System Tables >> Merchant Accounts. Double click on the merchant account and ensure the By the Web Listener box is checked. Under the Cards tab in the merchant account double click on each card and ensure the Available At Internet box is checked. The card will also need a bullet in the Yes column for Authorize Via Credit Card Server.



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  • TMcart.html
  • Any page listing the navigation buttons after the patron has logged into the online sales.

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