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WebPagesEN Folder

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The parent folder containing the bulk of the html pages that make up the online store. The "EN" used in the example assumes English language pages.

MultiLanguage Considerations

Clients who wish to have multilingual pages will need to do four things:

  • You will need to duplicate the WebPagesEN folder for each language you want to support and change the ending to be a two character language code. For example, WebPagesFR for French or WebPagesES for Spanish, WebPagesDE for German (we suggest using the ISO two character language code).
  • Translate all the web pages within the new WebPagesXX folder as required
  • edit the TMTemplates/tmnavLanguages.html to add a language and a flag to the navigation for each language you with to support.
  • In Company Preferences on the WebListener tab, add in the language codes that you want TheatreManager to look for in the htdocs folder. That means you can put the languages in place using the WebPagesXX folder, but TM will not recognize them until you edit the company preferences.
  • Where appropriate, on the main corporate web site, you might wish to edit the links to direct to a specific page by adding the &lang=XX to the direct links.

After a patron picks their language, the next time they log in, Theatre Manager will recall and use their personal language preference.