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  • The patron enters their email address in this page and an email will be sent to the address entered. This email will ask them to reset their password within 48 hours. In the interim, their existing account will be rendered inaccessible until they do reset their password.
  • A message states that if the email address does not exist, the patron will receive nothing. This is intentional, is required by the PCI council, and is good internet safety so that attackers cannot determine if an email exists through credential stuffing (meaning they got an email password from another comproized server and are attempting to see if your database also has it).

    If the email address exists under two patrons, the same message/process occurs and the box office will need to de-duplicate the email address in Theatre Manager before they can get an email reset.

If the patron is unable to do reset their password for any reason, the box office can initiate a password reset from the patron window. A box office reset should only be used if the patron has requested it explicitly - it sends the same email as above.




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