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  • This page is displayed when Apache and the Web Listener had been communicating and there are now no active Web Listeners or Apache can not communicate with the Web Listener over the network.
  • Contains a reference line at the bottom of the page that should point to the companies main web page once edited.
  • If the online sales is scheduled to be down for a period of time due to network issues this page should be edited to reflect the information the patron will see during the outage.For example: Our online ticketing is currently unavailable, please contact the box office for assistance.
  • This page can be avoided by logging in to Theatre Manager as a web listener within the network or by correcting any network issues that may be preventing communication between Apache and the Web Listener.



Able to Call Page(s):

  • The companies main web page when configured correctly.

Called By Page(s):

  • The httpd.conf file within Apache