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  • Contains two links designed to communicate with the Theatre Manager database for testing the web interface of the checkin and checkout process.
  • This page determines if a connectivity issue is between the hand held scanners or the network.
  • The page will need to be edited to reflect the internal IP address of the apache machine.
  • It will also need to be edited to reflect Performance sequence number(s) and Ticket number(s) that are currently setup within the database. The numbers currently listed within the page were selected from the Demo Database for Theatre Manager.
  • If the page fails after the edits are complete it indicates an issue within the network communication that will need to be addressed prior to troubleshooting hand held scanner related issues.
  • If the page is successful in it's communication and the hand held scanners do not connect it means the issue lies with the scanners and either their connectivity to the network or their setup.

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